Cookie Clicker 4

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About Cookie Clicker 4

Cookie Clicker 4 is a new relaxing game to help you relieve stress. You just click on the cookie and admire your very own cookie city with buildings and loads of achievements.

The gameplay is quite simple, you click on the cookie on the screen to receive each cookie one by one. when the required number of cakes is 15 cakes. You can buy items. even if you don't click and don't see the cookies, the number of cakes keeps increasing. As your cookies grow, you can purchase new assets or upgrade your products, which will earn you more cookies each period.

You can buy a lot of new items when you have a lot of cookies like pointers, grandma... once you have unlocked the items you can upgrade those items. The higher the upgrade, the more gear you earn. It will be of great help to you, but the collection of cooking items will be much faster.

Cookie clicker 4 is a simple and endless game. You can play this game for years.

Your first friend only operates on a small scale like a family, later on you will expand more and more. You can buy factories to produce large quantities of cakes and move on to the next stage.

This game requires you to Calculate before you buy, which will help you to be more successful in increasing the production of cakes and expanding the factory. Just like business, should calculate the most reasonable number of cakes. To get the highest profit possible!

You don't need to do quests to activate, just come back every hour and upgrade your items. The price of the upgrade item is too expensive. You should focus on buying more properties, it will help you to earn cookies. Grow your cookies to the greatest possible scale. Have fun!

How to play

Simple game you just need to click on the cake to play, you will get points in the cookie. Click on this large cookie to add a cookie to your balance.

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